Enter the Sacred Sweat Lodge – the Womb of the Earth Motherdscn0433

I am not here to do it for you. I am here to hold the space and to keep the integrity of the lodge. I am not here to be a guru. I am a Human Being like you are, on my path, doing the best I can. I set in the Sacred Circle to fill my cup, to share my heart, to be reborn in Mother Earth’s healing energy. Friends may join me.

Renew your connection to Spirit



Let go and enter with only what is yours

dscn0794-2Deep into the Mother I fall

Drifting in her warmth, I feel her love

I let go and allow myself to absorb

Filling, filling the sacredness

Emerging into light, the wind spirits great me

With gentle kisses I am renewed

No summer lodges
All lodges start at 7:00 p.m.

We enter the lodge when Sister Moon is moving to the full so our prayers expand to Grandfather. Talk to the Star People, our ancestors. Clear the mind, detoxify the body and heal the Spirit. This is a nontraditional lodge. It is a place to heal. It is a place to die and be reborn.

Saturday, December 2, 2017
Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Monday, May 28, 2018
Sunday, September 23, 2018
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Full Moon Lodge is for men and womenaround the fire in slc

Etiquette – For many this is your first experience.

  • When entering and exiting the lodge say “All My Relations”.
  • Always move clockwise when coming in or out of the lodge.
  • Women in their flow do not sweat in a mixed lodge.
  • Come early and take care of personal needs before the ceremony begins.
  • Glasses, shoes and jewelry are not permitted in the lodge.
  • When the person pouring water and while the talking stick is being passed, silence is expected.  Be respectful.
  • A gift for the lodge is traditional, (i.e. sage, cedar, juniper and may be placed on the altar outside the lodge door).
  • Those using will be asked to leave.  No drugs permitted.


From I-19 Go west on Ajo, turn right on San Joaquin Road, turn right on Tree Frog Trail. Lodge is behind the house.

You are welcome to assist with the lodge.  It is important to give of yourself.  Please sign up for setup of the ceremony.

The ceremony is blessed. The fire and the Stone People are blessed. The Stone People are heated in the fire pit and are brought into the lodge. Herbs of purification are placed upon the Stone People. The water of the Mother is put upon the Stone People to create steam. A talking stick is passed and you may express or not. There is no push to this experience. This is a very natural. You may leave at any time and you may return when the door opens for more Stone People to be brought into the lodge. Between rounds you may exit and watch the Star People.

The sweat lodge is the womb of the Earth Mother.

Bill Moyer interviewing Joseph Campbell asked “What is the easiest way to experience Spirit?” Joseph replied, “Participate in an ancient ceremony.” Joseph also said “Follow Your Bliss” Are you? That is what you will experience when entering the lodge. Be prepared to see visions.

  • The lodge is made of wood and earth. It is positioned to honor the four directions. It is blessed with the sacred pollen.
  • Sweat lodge participants provide offerings to the leader and fire tender such as pipe tobacco, spiritual gifts, food or money. There are opportunities to take care of the Stone People during the ceremony also.
  • Come with respect for all Creation. Honor diversity. Renew your relationship with the Elders. Enter and exit with “All My Relations”, leaving no one out of your prayers. Leave the mind outside and bring in the heart. Life is good, celebrate, acknowledge, sing, dance, and love. Be thankful for your blessings. See the magic. Choose Integrity, Impeccable Expression, Release Judgments and Take Back Your Power
  • You detoxify in the lodge. It is important to drink water all day before entering. It is important to eat light that day. Do not fast. The lodge removes your stress. It is a place of magic and of visions.
  • Traditionally, everyone brought wood, blankets and food. Everyone participated as the willow was cut, the yucca gathered for ties and the lodge was built. The lodge was covered with the blankets. After the sweat, the lodge was disassembled and food shared. At Spirit Gathering we built and maintain a lodge. The lodge is made of wood and earth. It is positioned to honor the four directions. It is blessed with the sacred pollen. Bring food to share. We ask a suggested donation of $15 to cover the cost of the wood.
  • Bring a towel, loose clothing to wear in the sweat. Bring a potluck dish for after the lodge. Donations of wood or contributions are accepted

Purification of the mind, body and spirit. Come into the womb of the Earth Mother. Come with reverence for all the directions and for the Great Spirit. Come with reverence for the seventh direction, the center, and your essence. Give the gift to yourself and support the circle in this natural, gentle process of moving into harmony.

Spirit Gathering’s Full Moon Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony began in 1990.

It is an honor to live in a country where we can express our belief without threat of persecution. Come with thanksgiving and gratitude.

Friends have come from many states in the US, plus Italy, Korea, Norway, England, Germany, China, Venezuela, India, Sweden, and Brazil.

Honor Diversity