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Personal Teachings for an Individual or Couple

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Tucson Retreat – Do you desire a one on one experience with a spiritual teacher?  I have the perfect place for you.  Come spend time with me in my beautiful home in Tucson and you will…..

Visit Unique Places in Tucson  —  Local Sacred Sights – Wisdom Shared – Ritual Circle – Meditation – Sweat Lodge – Personal Reading – Medicine Bag

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Bring the balance and joy into your life from the world of Spirit.  You will take this special experience home, continuing your journey with balance and harmony.  Give this gift to yourself, and in giving to yourself you give to all who surround you.


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Located on the outskirts of Tucson, this is ideal for peace and solitude

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Breakfast and Lunch Included – Dinner on Your Own

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Friendly Basset Hounds Live Here

This is a place where your ancestors, the Star People are visible.  Lay in the hammock and watch the Star People.  You are made of star dust, own it.


Tucson energy draws those who hear the call


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In House Massage

Hiking Tucson Mountains

West Desert Sacred Sites

Mission San Xavier del Bac on the Tohono O’Odham Reservation


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Begin now by asking Spirit to bring clarity to your dreams and to communicate your focus. Use your journal to record the changes.  You are the Seventh Direction, the space of creation. Your thoughts and words create your world. Honor Your Center and come from that space, rather than responding to the world around you. That is the difference in living and existing.


For Registration

Email me your phone number, the time/date to call you and chose three date options for your Tucson Personal Retreat

  • 3 days    –   $700/individual     $1600/couple
  • 2 days    –   $500/individual     $1200/couple
  • 1 day      –   $300/individual     $800/couple

Refund Policy – 50% three weeks prior to scheduled Personal Retreat