The Sacred Earth Wedding Ceremony

That is the most beautiful wedding ceremony I have ever heard. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and dedication. I am getting really excited since things are coming together so beautifully.
Love you, Debbie, Washington State

Spirit Gathering Sweat Lodge

I arrived just as the preparation circle ceremony was ending. Just in time for hugs. It seemed it was not easy to make it here tonight. However, at this special time my soul had a longing to go into the womb and be reborn.

As I went into the lodge, I entered a space of receptiveness. Many were there that I had sat with before… many I hadn’t. The circle was radiating unconditional love and understanding. The stone people were brought in, and blessed. The entrance closed, into darkness….

We honored the East, passing the talking stick, and the energy grew. We sang to Spirit. Many had brought in the rattles. Spirit loves rattles. There was the flute and a water drum. As we moved to the South I grew lighter as we sang and the story of Frog and Coyote was passed around the circle. The laughter releasing more stress.

At the start of the West the rest of the Stone People were brought in and blessed. Some had left the lodge, but Spirit filled the circle. The darkness was blasted like a light show by Spirit. It seemed to me at that time the Spirit of the Ancestors had taken hold of the circle. As the male energy grew in intensity with the rattle and the singing, I was visited by the energy of my father of this life. He was comforting me, sending me love. I was sending it back. I felt like a small child again looking into his younger face, remembering the love we shared. Repairing the hurt of our relationship, coming full circle, seeing him as he was at passing. Seeing him only with love and respect for his circle of life. Feeling the gratitude of being part of it. I felt total healing between us. His unconditional love will always be with me, and mine with him. I came back as the Talking Stick was passed to me. I was able to share some of my feelings. The rattles took me again to a sp ace of healing.

The next thing I realized Anne was sending the Spirit of the Lodge out over the Valley, for those who were open to receive the love of it. It is three days later as I write this from my heart remembrance. What a powerful place… the Full Moon Harvest Sweat Lodge 2000, Ann Clock’s Lodge. This is my experience… I was moved to write it down. Thanks again for all you do to make these times available to us.

My name is Peter Stevens, a Mi’Kmaq Indian from Eskasoni, Nova Scotia Canada. I work as a Health Advisor and Consultant for a Native Community Health Centre. It saddens me that my people have virtually ignore their once treasured values and that was holism. The self actualization of one’s self and psyche’ while understanding the gifts of Our Creator and understanding Mother Nature are purely gratifying from the heart and soul. I envy your approach. I wish I could learn more, for I am an older student of 52 years. I wish to learn how to be a good elder, smothered by some wisdom for which I’m fortunate to have possessed as a gift. Unlike a present in a box, it is a boundless universality of the human truth. These are the paths for our purpose. I wish you continued success! I encourage your efforts. I had a nice visit of you site! Thank you in advance, Peter Stevens

When my sister learned that I have been regularly attending the Sweat Lodge and participating in the Sacred Circle, she asked me what it was like. I explained the basic progression of these sessions. She then asked me to describe how I benefited from my participation. I told her that it is something that had to be experienced, that I did not know how to describe the effect the experience had on me physically and spiritually. That is when the following story came to mind.

It has been two, maybe even three years since the local PBS station presented the series of interviews of Dr. Joseph Campbell conducted by Bill Moyers. I was part of the captive audience and made every effort to view the entire series. Although I am sure I missed some, there was one particular question asked of Dr. Campbell, the answer to which touched something deep inside me at the time and has remained with me since.

Please forgive the fact that the exact words have been lost to time, but the spirit of the question and answer has remained. The question in essence was, “What is it like to be spiritually enlightened?”

With the question posed, Dr. Campbell paused momentarily and looked at Mr. Moyers with those deep penetrating eyes of his, and with a slight smile began his answer.

He said in essence, “Picture, if you will, an entire society of beings who are physically limited to being able to only look to the left, and to the right. They are physically incapable of looking up and down. Their entire technology is built around this physical limitation. Now take this visualization one step further, in that you individually are in a position to observe the daily routine of this society. They are totally unaware of your presence.

During your observance, you pick and follow the daily routine of one individual in this society and decide to try an experiment. Knowing the daily routine of this individual, you wait until he is alone, reach down and physically pick him up and move him so that he can see everything from the up, down, left, right aspect, and then put him back.

Obviously, this individual will never be the same because of this experience, but also, how would he describe his experience to anyone else in his society?”

From my point of view, Anne is the observer giving all that desire it the opportunity to be lovingly picked up and moved in new directions and shown our world from new and wonderful perspectives. The opportunity to know that not only is there so much more to the world we live in, but so much more to each of us as individuals.

I will always be grateful to Anne for the caring love freely shown by regularly opening her home and heart to give the opportunity to learn and grow. Steve

I have known Anne Clock to be a Keeper of the Wisdom, to walk her path with intention and awareness. Anne Clock is a shining example of mindful living. She has opened her heart, home and spirit to all who ask for guidance, friendship, healing or who just wish to be heard. Anne clock is committed caretaker of the Mother Earth and all our relations. She actively creates a place and a means for all those who feel the call to join her on this path and expand their possibilities.

I have been a witness to just six years of her commitment to providing a place for growth and healing through the Sacred Sweat Lodge.I have attended her classes on Spiritual Healing Ministry Training and experienced the miracle of connectedness to Spirit and Healing within each of us. My marriage to my soul mate was joyously and reverently presided over by Anne Clock and was the most beautiful and stirring ceremonyI will probably ever experience. Anne Clock conducted services for my soul mat’s father when he chose to leave this planet and travel through the veil into the next realm. The example she set for the family to celebrate his life illuminated the way for healing within each family member and friend in attendance.

I have witnessed the healing of numerous souls who find their way to her door when they are ready to change their lives and take back their power and crate healing in their families, past, present and future.

Anne has guided me to places internal and eternal that have allowed me to recognize my self-imposed limitations and has shown me the tools to repair my spirit and celebrate my being. I am grateful for this opportunity to try to define what in indefinable – the magnitude of spirit in Anne Clock and her wealth of Spirit and Wisdom.

Her commitment and ability to perceive truth, to walk with Spirit, to accept Life without judgement, to dance with the duality of free choice and predetermination, to speak the language of Love have made it possible for so many souls to find her and carry away the inspiration they needed to walk their own paths with integrity and courage.

Anne Clock pursues her lessons in Spirit daily and is an active voice. Her heart is a discerning and determined one. Heather 4/1/2000

I met Anne Clock 8 years ago. I attended a Sweat Lodge at her home. It was an enlightening experience. I continue to return, as it lifts my soul, bringing peace to my heart.

I have also attended may classes, Vision Quests, and some traveling with Anne, on her path of Teaching. I have found Anne to be an outstanding teacher. It seems to come very naturally to her. It is my belief that it is because she lives a life with Spirit. She passes that along in her circles, by her integrity and clarity.

Knowing her has helped my life. She radiates Love, and teaches with Humor. The circles she holds have helped me very much. She attracts many that are searching for Spirit. Also, those who are living with Spirit. Noreen

I have been going to the sweat lodge for a year now, and do not think I have missed any. I came to Anne with many needs. Anne has taught me, and is still teaching me, to eliminate that word ‘need’ from my life. She, and the sweat lodge, have helped me in many other ways, as well. Her sweat lodge has become an important part of my life

It is an honor for me to know Anne, and to now be able to give back something to her and the lodge in return for what she has done for me. I play Native American flute, and my flute playing during the sweat has become a regular part of the sweat lodge. During the cold winter months, I volunteer to tend to the stone people and the fire for the sweat lodge and play my flutes outside the lodge all during the ceremony. While I miss going into the lodge during that time, it is actually a very special, and sacred, time for me. As a regular to the lodge, I am happy to do it for her willingness to open her house and making this lodge available for so many to benefit from. Walk in Beauty, Scott Francis EarthSong Flute Circle of Utah: http://home.earthlink.net/~scottfrancis/scottfrancis@earthlink.net


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