Spiritual Beings Living Physical Lives

Below is a talk I gave at the Tucson Women’s Networking Luncheon, “Spiritual Beings Living Physical Lives.” I hope you enjoy it.

I greeted Grandfather Sun this morning and asked him to fill me with the wisdom to share with you today. I also asked that he open us to receive the wisdom and abundance that is present, for us to see the abundance that is in your life right now, and to have an open heart to accept what is our birthright.

You are on a spiritual journey. Each of us is on a spiritual journey and that journey has brought us together.  There is power in group consciousness. I don’t believe in chance, I believe that we were brought together today for a purpose.

When we come together, our combined energy can move us dramatically. We create another energy field to utilize. How do we want to use it? What change are you looking for? As Human Beings we are changing, always changing.

When I asked about what I was to speak of today, I was told to speak about something that would assist you in your business life. I know from personal experience that when I am in balance my life flows. This is true in my career, my business, and personal relationships, in all that I do.

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Jerald Jampolsky speak. Dr. Jampolsky wrote the book ‘Love Is Letting Go of Fear.   His expertise is working with children who have cancer and teaching them how to use visualization to remove the cancer from their body. Those children in turn went to other children in hospitals and shared their technique, empowering them to heal themselves too. I had the honor of listening Dr. Jampolsky and to the children he taught tell of their healing journey with other children. When emotions become deeply negative, prolonged, suppressed, or intensified by other factors, they disturb the elemental balance. This same belief affects your business. Who do you want as customers? What kind of energy do you want surrounding you? So I ask you, where do you live your life? In love or fear, it is one or the other.   Be conscious of your thoughts and redirect the negative. For when you touch people’s hearts in a positive, gentle, loving, kind way, this energy returns to you.

Words from the Elders

  • Keep your word; your word is your life. Be truthful at all times, and under all conditions.
  • Make no comparisons; you are unique and wonderful right now, in the very moment, love begins within.
  • Let go of the need to understand, understanding comes in its own time
  • Let go of judgment – when you are in judgment you are giving your power away. Let go of judgment of those who judge.
  • Find the divine spark within yourself. One way you can take care of yourself is releasing the judgments around spirituality and around the demands of your life. Try not to play the ‘either or’ game and allow both to find a balanced space in your life.
  • Embrace Discernment, discernment lives in your solar plexus. You know your truth, you know when a decision is correct… if it feels good or not. As a woman you have this naturally. Use it, nurture it.
  • Get rid of clutter, it is the mirror of your the internal dialog. What does your office look like, your purse, your closet, your glove box? If you do not, use it, give it away. This creates space for new wonderful experiences. Example-my family give away.
  • Unsolicited advice is never appropriate. It just stirs the pot. Allow others their journey. A really good friend just listens. Not judge or offer unsolicited advice.
  • Listen to wise elders; they have been to the mountain and back.
  • Take time out of your day to be silent. Meditate by watching your breath move in and out. It is between the moving in and out that you feel and hear the Creator. It is a simple process, make it easy.
  • You are to be the example for those who follow. Use what has been said today to be the example for yourself and those around you.
  • Importance of Service – Sacred Circle – Prime the Pump – The more you give the more you get, go for it.
  • Everything is energy; everything is in motion, metaphysics and science have proven that positive thought guides matter.
  • We are in acceleration. You can feel it; you can see it in your life. Go back to the Earth in whatever way you can. Take walks, set in the park, be silent and listen to the wind. All of this renews your spirit.
  • Whatever your connection is with Spirit use it to bring balance in your life. This will create the business and career that will bring you joy and success. Know that you are changing, always changing.
  • Be diligent about watching your thoughts, it is your responsibility, no one else can do this. Make change a positive experience for yourself and others will be drawn to you and your God given gifts to serve.
  • We come from the light and return to the light. Each of our journeys is unique. I have set in circle with Human Beings from the four corners of the world. What a blessing.
  • As a woman, be open to receiving. Most of us are great givers. You are to balance your giving and receiving.

What I want you to know today, when opportunities shows up in your life, be open to seeing them, have the courage to respond with your heart and Spirit will take care of the details.

This experience will not be repeated, ever. I said yes to speak before you today, a part of the whole, a part of the ever changing energy. I was supposed to be here, to hold the space of the Sacred, to greet Father Son in this morning, Sister Moon in the evening, and to speak to the Raven.

Traditional Native Prayer

From The East House of Light May Wisdom Dawn In Us So We May See All Things in Clarity

From The South House of the Eternal Sun May Right Action Reap the Harvest So We May Enjoy the Fruits of Planetary Being

From The West House of Transformation May Wisdom Be Transformed Into Right Action So We May Do What Must Be Done

From The North House of Night May Wisdom Ripen In Us So We May Know All From Within

From The Above House of Heaven Where Star People and Ancestors Gather May Their Blessings Come To Us Now

From Below House of Earth May the Heartbeats of Her Crystal Core Bless Us with Harmonies to End All War

Breathe In Love And Exhale Peace! Aho Reverend Ann Marie Clock

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