• Buying

Buying – Is there negative energy known or unknown? Maybe it does not feel just right.  Before you move into that previously occupied home, have it cleared and blessed.

  • Selling

Selling – Do you want your prospective customer to walk into your house and fall in love with it?  I will clear bless your home to create this welcoming energy field.

  • Clearing

Do you have unwanted unseen/seen guests?  Would you like them removed?

——-Structure Energy Clearing – minimum 2 hrs/$90 – additional time $40/hr


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Email: spiritgathering@comcast.net


——-Avenue House Clearing  

I was requested by a client to clear her home in Salt Lake City. On Sunday I went to the house in the avenues that was built in the 1800s. The residences had occupied this home for four years. The wife and daughter had been having trouble sleeping for the past year. Her four-year-old daughter had told her. “The shadows under your bed are nicer than the shadows under mine.”   I invited a friend to assist me, as I didn’t know how long it the process would take. We entered and walked through detecting problem areas. We began the clearing in the basement. Moved up through the first floor and then the second. I had the owner do a walk through at that point. She still picked up negative energy. The three of us returned to the area, which was half way down the steps to the basement coming from the crawl space. We called the energy out saying prayers and demanding that it leave. I brought Mother Mary and the angels forth to receive them. We completed the clearing. This complete process took five hours and it was 100 degrees outside. When we left the home was peaceful.   We determined that the problem resided with the 1800 occupant who was full of anger and fear. He had blocked others from leaving. What activated the situation was moving in antiques of the 1800 period. You never know what you will encounter when asked to move troublesome energy from a space. The owner was sensitive enough and had the courage to participate with the clearing. I called her the next week and everything was just fine. I had told her when leaving “Don’t invite the neighbors spirits over.”

Life is full of adventures when we are filled with curiosity, compassion, openness, and courage.  Be a seeker, adventurer, loving, and willing to open to Spirit.