The Sacred Earth Wedding Ceremony

Reverend Ann Marie Clock

The Sacred Earth Wedding Ceremony – We have come together to consecrate the union of two special Human Beings. Feel the natural flow of life and see the beauty of the Earth Mother as I invite the sacred seven directions, the wind spirits, and those that walk with you in spirit… I invite the Center to this Union. Within… I am the seventh direction, it is from me that all directions radiate. I am the Center. You must honor yourself before you can honor each other. It is from here that I join with you. Wedding Fee: $350.

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Have your wedding in the Ritual Circle.

Outside of Tucson Travel Fee: $100/day + expenses. Confirm scheduling before securing your date.

Are you looking for a nontraditional wedding ceremony filled with a special connection to your Spirits?
You may have a free consultation to find if this ceremony is the one for you. The Mother Earth wedding ceremony brings forth the Presence – unique and powerful.

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