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Women’s Retreats

Schedule your group for a two or three day retreat in the desert or the sacred mountains.

Patty, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Excellent – A great experience. I didn’t really like doing the drumming (it was a long time), but having it done to me was amazing. I have had no back pain since and I really feel like it helped me get through the depression I was in and get back on my path. This was not immediately apparent and took a while to realize.

Robyn, Salt Lake City, Utah – Excellent – Please continue these retreats. The people, the transformation, the personal knowledge and healing both personally and universally. Suggestions: None…it was perfect!

LINDA T, TUCSON, ARIZONA – I felt the retreat was wonderful. The drumming was amazing, it left me feeling like I was flying for days. Everything else was great as well. I loved feeling like I had the time of my life meeting my new friends. What I liked the most was the healing energy that ran threw the whole time we were together. I would love to do it every year.

Linda G, Tucson, AZ – Excellent – It was just absolutely perfect! More wonderful people.

SHAWN, TUCSON, ARIZONA – Excellent – The retreat was well planned and well organized. Meal time was a real opportunity for all participants to offer assistance which allowed us to learn to know everyone else. The meals were made more wonderful because these interactions were very helpful in allowing us to open up about things that were bothering us and get input from others who were experiencing the same issues from a different perspective.

~ I am not here to do it for you. I am here to hold the space and to keep the integrity of the lodge. I am not here to be a guru. I am a Human Being like you are, on my path, doing the best I can. I set in the Sacred Circle to fill my cup, to share my heart, to be reborn in Mother Earth’s healing energy. Join me.

around the fire in slc

Earth WeddingsReverend

The Sacred Earth Wedding Ceremony – We have come together to consecrate the union of two special Human Beings. Feel the natural flow of life and see the beauty of the Earth Mother as I invite the sacred seven directions, the wind spirits, and those that walk with you in spirit… I invite the Center to this Union. Within… I am the seventh direction, it is from me that all directions radiate. I am the Center. You must honor yourself before you can honor each other. It is from here that I join with you.


Four days of transition is the journey of those who cross over. Send them with celebration and acknowledgment of the relationships experienced.

Other In-Person Services

All Listed not experienced in my home. Contact me for more information.

Dream Work

I have changed my life from Dreamwork – where the conscious mind and the personality are absent and the subconscious mind and the Higher Self are present. $125/session


I an a vehicle of healing as I allow your healing spirits use me as the transmitter. $125/session

Past Life Recall

It made my life make sense by understanding where my born talents began. Resolve past conflict. $125/session

Structure Energy Clearing for your home or business

Negative energy? Before you move into that previously occupied home or begin a new business, have the location cleared and blessed. Or… do you have spirits misbehaving? They can be guided to the Light. $30/hour

Personal Medicine Bag

Custom medicine bag created for you from fringed leather – beaded.




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