I am not here to do it for you. I am here to hold the space and to keep the integrity of the lodge. I am not here to be a guru. I am a Human Being like you are, on my path, doing the best I can. I set in the Sacred circle to fill my cup, to share my heart, to be reborn in the Mother Earth’s healing energy. Join me.pic sweat

Keep your integrity. When you don’t it weighs you down and you wonder why you’re sooooo tired.

A Total Commitment to Growing

People come to the spiritual life and to a spiritual practice for many reasons, but the most basic one is the wish to know God, to discover the nature of the Absolute. It is the wish to deepen our relationship to, and our understanding of, what is truly divine in life. This is not easily accomplished. It is not for the lazy, not for those who want fast answers, and not for the faint of heart. It demands resources beyond the ones invested in us as mere biological events. Luckily for us, although the Absolute designed us as limited biological events, it also designed us with an override mechanism, which allows us to go beyond these limitations. In other words, the desire to know God requires commitment. This doesn’t mean commitment to an ideology; it doesn’t mean commitment to another human being. Instead, the desire to know God takes a total inner commitment to growing as a person. Total. If that makes you uncomfortable, I’m happy to hear it. Total commitment to anything is a little uncomfortable, to say the least. Even thinking about it is uncomfortable, let alone doing it. This total commitment is like a center of gravity. It is an intense point within us, around which the creative energy of Life itself can begin to mobilize and focus. In turn, a field of grace establishes itself around this focus. This is the best way I know to tell you about it. The presence of an energy field powerful enough to enable us to participate tangibly in that part of us which transcends our humanity is possible only because of our total commitment to growing. Our total commitment to growing is a tremendous source of strength for each of us as human beings. It allows us to take every painful and difficult situation, and to absorb it, digest it, and grow from it. To reaffirm our commitment is to open ourselves to the presence of a grace that will lift us up out of any difficulty and resolve it perfectly in favor of our growth. For people who do this, there are no questions, there are no answers. There is only divine creativity at work in everything, only the very essence of all that is, continuously revealing and demonstrating its remarkable magic and grace, and I say magic in the purest sense of the work, continuously bringing about in you something utterly beautiful, compassionate, giving, and all encompassing. When a total commitment to growing is always with you, then all the events that arise in your life are instantaneously transformed into a great blessing.

Swami Chtanananda ‘The Breath of God’




Sacred Words

Seven Directions – East, South, West, North, Above, Below, Withincircle 019 (2)

All My Relations, Ancient Ones, Bear, Beauty, Black, Buffalo, Cedar, Circle, Copal, Coyote, Creation, Death, Eagle, Earth Mother, Elders, Father Sun, Four Directions, Great Spirit, Green, Harmony, Honor, Human Being, Integrity, Journey, Juniper, Magic, Medicine, Mysteries, New Beginnings, Path, Raven, Rebirth, Red Willow, Sacred Ceremony, Sage, Sister Moon, Sweet Grass, Standing People, Star People, Transformation, Wellness, White, Willow, Yellow


Blue is a communication color, so I am a good listener, an intuitive listener, able to transform others through loving listening. It may be a good time to learn. I can be fairly certain when studying or learning on whatever level. If it is a ray or guiding light, I am being stimulated to learn about something which is important to my evolution. Peaceful times are in my future.

Aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the body. All is energy. How we feel, how open we are to Spirit is generated in the following photos. Our guides show up and our general thoughts and beliefs surround us. There is a combination of energies creating a golden light as we are photographed together. This aura readings came with the following interpretations. The green in the photos did not scan very well.


Healing, elasticity of will, would best describe me. Green is perseverance and tenacity, persistence, self-assertion, obstinacy, self-esteem, and teaching are the qualities most important to me.

The world sees me as cheerful. Gold is the brightest color. I may find myself the center of attention, with others revolving around me. Radiant, and expansive. I represent relaxation, a release from burdens, problems, harassment or restriction. My energy shines from me like the warmth of the sun, giving happiness and joy to all who stand in the radiance of my smile, and I do smile a lot.

Lynne is a Reiki Master, Mask Maker and Spiritual Sister
Lynne is part of the 2002 Olympic IT Staff

Our future is bound to be thought provoking. Like the rising sun, yellow brings warmth. Yellows are representative of the intellect. Each shade or tint of yellow expresses a type of function, ability, or expression of the intellect, from the craftiness of a mustard yellow, to the high thought of golden yellow. We approach the future with a sense of excitement and joy.

Spontaneity would best describe us. Yellow corresponds symbolically to the welcome warmth of sunlight. Variability, expectancy, originality, smiling and exhilaration are the qualities most important to us.

We put calm into the world, contemplation with a pacifying effect. Unification, a sense of belonging. Blue is loyalty. Blue corresponds to a depth of feeling. A relaxed sensitivity, empathy, for esthetic experience. People see us as the calm of the untroubled sea.


  • The saguaro cactus is our brothers and sisters. Unlike trees whose aura is pulled in the night, the Saguaro cactus’s aura is like the Human Being and our auras expand in the night.
  • Remember, you cannot abandon what you do not know. To go beyond yourself you must know yourself.
  • Human Beings are babies on the evolutionary scale. You accept so little of what is available to you. The spiritual dimension is the greater part of life. Open yourself to it.
  • Allowing the becoming, patience with the unveiling, following my heart as I walk my path, is my key to living the Human experience.
  • I have had the honor of watching many do 360o with their life. To be a part of this experience is wonderful. Understanding my part in the life path of others fills my cup to overflowing. As we give we receive….I love to receive.
  • Knowing that moving through the veil….. is walking through a door. It brings excitement and comfort to the soul. The journey never ends. I have been ready for some time but, Spirit says that my path is not close to being completed this time around…….
  • I have had the honor of setting with many loving, compassionate teachers over the years. From childhood to now. As each teachers tell their stories there is insight for all who hear. I believe that we walk through the lessons so that we may assist others when the time comes.
  • I believe that it is totally inappropriate to give advise to others if they have not requested it. For me that is just stirring the pot. When we stay out of the way of the lesson then it is free to return and be realized.


Since the dawn of time plants have been our sacred connection to our Mother Earth. Plants feed, cure and shelter us, and legends abound of the power of chosen plants to heal and protect the wise. Archeological evidence has established ritual use of plants dating back 60,000 years. Throughout the world people have gathered herbs and spices, resin and roots to offer to the spirit world. Rich in abundance and diversity of aromatic botanical, the western deserts and Rocky Mountains echo fragrances of an ancient time, evoking memories of a distant past. Native tradition relate wherever sage or cedar are, no evil influences may enter.

To smudge is to purify with smoke from certain sacred herbs. The sacred ritual of purifying with smoke comes from the native peoples in both North and South America. In North America the smoke is created by burning sacred herbs such as Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Juniper. In Mexico and Central America Copal, a resin derived from the copal tree, is used widely in ritual. Smudge bundles should be ignited over a ceramic bowl containing sand or an abalone shell. Gently blow upon the embers to product smoke. Smoke may be used to purify the body, home, office, and healing rooms. After smudging, extinguish bundle in sand and store for future use.

Four Directions

Begin the day honoring the four directions.

As you stand in the shower with the Earth Mother’s life blood running over you clearing your energy, turn four times to the four directions. East -New Beginnings, South – Abundance, West – Magic, North – Buffalo/Elder/All My Relations. Such a simple action that is filled with Power.


Light candles with affirmations/prayers produce a desired result. As you light the candles affirm to manifest.
  • White – Divine, Live & Understanding
  • Pink – Loving Friendships to Support You Through Life
  • Deep Blue – All Communication Coming from Higher Self
  • Sky Blue – Healing
  • Green – Abundance
  • Yellow – New Beginnings, Creativity
  • Red – Strength & Courage
  • Purple – Expand the Intuitive
  • Lavender – Acknowledgment of Spirit that Walks with You
  • Orange – Sensuality
  • Brown – Earth & Nature Spirits

Know that this is my Truth. You may have other responses to each color. Always trust your own feelings. Allow the candles to select you. I have mine in a bag and just reach in without looking to see what my Higher Self would like. Quantity or color mixing is your choice. There is no wrong way. I use candles on my altar and sometimes as I take a bath. These are places that I can totally relax and absorb the energy that they create.

Always light your candles with matches. Do not use a lighter.

Do not buy into the soap opera of life. When you do, you stir the pot. It is their soap opera. Let them have it!

Questions may be sent to: Reverend Ann Marie


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