Welcome to a Place of Peace ~ Follow Your Spirit to Wellness


Are you ready for Transformation?  Are you looking for a place to heal your Spirit, to take back your Power, to feel the Earth Mother hold you in her arms?  Allow me to assist in whatever way that calls to you.  That inner voice is the most important sense you have. Listen to it and act.


I am here to be of service to those who are led to me for spiritual healing.  Spiritual Healing of the emotional body, spiritual body, mental body and personal environment using the gifts that Creator has given me. For example, I can offer help with private readings, dream therapy, healing/balancing, past life recall, energy clearing, retreats, sweat lodges, and personal medicine bags.

Spirit Gathering is a place for the heart where magic surrounds you. See it, hear it, embrace it.  Join In the healing ceremonies. Fill your cup to overflowing. Unconditional love is present.

Begin now by asking Spirit to bring clarity to your dreams and to communicate your focus. Use your journal to record the changes.  You are the Seventh Direction, the space of creation. Your thoughts and words create your world. Honor Your Center and come from that space, rather than responding to the world around you. That is the difference in living and existing.


Personal Retreats

 circle 019 (2)

Ritual Circle calling the Four Directions

Join the ancients under the stars.
The mountain lion speaks, calling the return of your spiritual connection.


I have deep gratitude for the many who have joined me in the Sacred Sweat Lodge over the last 30 years.

It has been an honor to set with you and listen to your heart speak.

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